The Grass Gets Greener with Melissa Wilson


During my recent podcast recording with Melissa Wilson, we covered a lot of topics. Shame, sexual abuse, bullying, and resilience. Melissa navigated our interview with grace and candor. Each time I have the opportunity to share my story, I am reminded that I am not alone whether it's one aspect of my experience or many. It is good to remind myself daily that healing is possible. I can do that by sharing my truth. You can listen here.


Speaking out on Addictions

I had the privilege of being David Wagner’s guest on his Addictions Podcast.  Up until my decision to publish Breaking the Ruhls, I had kept my alcoholism and sobriety as a private matter. Writing the book helped me see the relationship between my childhood sexual abuse and subsequent dependence on alcohol.

David offered me the perfect opportunity to speak openly and honestly about my own struggles with alcohol and my path to sobriety.

Thanks Dave!