Sober Gay Man Seeks....What, Exactly, He's No Longer Sure. My Essay in Longreads.


"A survivor of childhood sexual abuse now in recovery, Larry Ruhl finds himself adrift in the age of hookup apps."

My April essay in Longreads. You can read it here

Speaking out on Addictions

I had the privilege of being David Wagner’s guest on his Addictions Podcast.  Up until my decision to publish Breaking the Ruhls, I had kept my alcoholism and sobriety as a private matter. Writing the book helped me see the relationship between my childhood sexual abuse and subsequent dependence on alcohol.

David offered me the perfect opportunity to speak openly and honestly about my own struggles with alcohol and my path to sobriety.

Thanks Dave!

MyNDTALK with Dr. Pamela Brewer Podcast

MyNDTALK  with Dr. Pamela Brewer

This was my first recorded podcast interview for Breaking the Ruhls. While I did feel nervous speaking so openly about my experience, I also felt a sense of calm. I’m relieved that after three and a half years, my story is out, and I have broken my silence as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and complex trauma. 

My thanks to Dr. Pamela Brewer.